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NCT03576469: An overdue trial by IMMUNOe Research Centers

This trial is overdue. It was due to report 3 years ago.

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  • We can only rely on the structured data that sponsors put into the registry: they may enter incorrect or incomplete data.
  • Reporting in a journal is not enough. The FDAAA rules state that the trial must be reported on
  • Terminated trials are required to report results. Only withdrawn trials (which never recruited a single patient) are not.

Full data

Full entry on NCT03576469
Title A Single-site, Open-Label, Pilot Study to Evaluate the Benefit of RUCONEST® in Subjects Who Experience ADRs Related to IVIG Infusions
Results Status Overdue
ACT or pACT? This is what FDAAA officially calls an "Applicable Clinical Trial"
Start date June 13, 2018
Completion date Dec. 1, 2019
Required reporting date Nov. 30, 2020, midnight
Actual reporting date None
Date last checked at Oct. 23, 2023
Days late 1056